Young Scientists’ Forum

On September 5th and September 7th, the Young Scientists’ Forum will feature the following presentations:

  • Mariangela Zoe Chocchiaro: Modeling peer disagreement in Aumann’s framework
  • Hande Erkut: Social norms for generosity are domain dependent
  • Stephan Jagau: Defaults, normative anchors, and the occurrence of risky and cautious shifts
  • Antoine Marie: Why do humans objectify and sacralize moral demands? Explaining the evolution of moral rigidity by partner choice and honest signaling
  • Nancy Abigail Nuñez Hernández: Argumentative theory of reasoning and the quest to overcome the confirmation bias and gain knowledge through deductive reasoning
  • Andreas Reis: Collaborative Spatial Reasoning and Belief Revision
  • Benjamin Sklarek: Legal Reasoning: Balancing of Basic Right Conflicts
  • Eyal Tal: Discounting collective disagreement
  • Zoi Terzopoulou: The Aggregation of Incomplete Opinions
  • Georgina Torok: Rationality in joint action
  • Qizhi Wang: Incorrect But Still Rational: A New Solution Concept
  • John Wilcox: A Recipe for a Maximally Rational Collective: Insights from a Forecasting Research Program